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Two Visions for Our Country


Location: San Antonio, TX

Tonight during the debate, Congressman Francisco Canseco outlined his vision for the future of the country - one that will allow American families and small businesses to keep more of their hard earned money, will cut federal spending and will get the economy back on track. We saw that Pete Gallego's vision for the country, on the other hand, would mean bigger government, less opportunity for private enterprise and Washington bureaucrats in charge of our health care.

"During the debate Gallego proved it doesn't matter what language he uses, his policies are disastrous for Texas middle class families. The last thing we need in Washington is another career politician. As a former small business owner I know what it means to balance an actual budget and run a successful business. I know what policies help small businesses and what policies hurt them. We are at a pivotal moment in our country and voters have an important choice to make between my vision of a smaller government, more economic certainty for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and greater opportunities for our youth. Or Pete Gallego's vision of a bloated federal government, job-killing regulations and a health care system that cuts $716 billion from Medicare."

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