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Blog: Pete Sells Out Texas Again!!!


Location: Unknown

Our incumbent has consistently made noises in criticism of the Obama administration's foot dragging regarding the Keystone XL pipeline project this year. While I'll be the last person to agree decisions, this project seemingly does not benefit the United States in the long term.

As in the case of Nalco Holdings Inc, Pete puts his cronies in the corporate world over us here in the district and the entire state of Texas .East Texas is under seige with Keystone's contractors destroying the rights of property owners to ram the pipeline right down our throats.

( This "tar sands" oil will not provide a drop of oil for us here in the United States, instead it is bound for Venezula's Valero energy. All the while, we cannot figure out why we are not harnessing the vast oil pockets on land in the Bakken Formation. We have questioned Olson a few times about this in the last year, with no response. Drilling and refining the spoils of Bakken would greatly reduce the dependency on foreign oil, which in turn would reduce our need to illegally occupy the Middle East. (we just answered our own question here)

Olson is TOXIC to our state, not just relating to his involvement in the obvious Keystone XL landgrab. In 2010, he also took hefty donations from Harold Simmons of Waste Control services(owner of a toxic waste dump in Andrews County Texas) that is in operation now. We have rallied continously against his cronyism with Nalco/Corexit which is virtually killing our citizens in the Gulf of Mexico. While we are not part of the raging Al Gore types of Global Warming alarmists, we are highly alarmed at the enormous risks to our citizens in this country.

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