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Issue Position: Smart Oil and Gas Tax Reform

Issue Position

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* I believe in being realistic. Production in existing Alaska oil fields is declining. Tax reform cannot necessarily generate new oil in old fields. However, tax reform could be a critical tool in providing the impetus to develop new fields and infrastructure.
* I will commit to working with the oil industry to develop a tax reform policy that makes sense for business and makes sense for Alaskans. Economists agree that the reduction in per barrel oil from 2 million barrels per day to 600,000 was not due to the current oil and gas tax structure. Having said this, I will always be willing to dialogue with the industry about its needs.

* I believe that we need to reform our oil and gas tax policy. But I also know that the Governor's plan gives away 20 billion dollars that oil companies are free to spend outside of Alaska.
* I will work for an energy plan that exchanges tax cuts and/or incentives for investment in Alaska. That's what makes sense and that's what turns Alaskan oil into jobs for Alaskan families.

* I believe that we have a duty both to use and to sustain Alaska's resources.
* I will support development of ANWR and the Chukchi Sea. But I will also fight for vigilant oversight to ensure that we sustain Alaska's incredible natural bounty.

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