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We Need to Clean Up West Virginia Government


Location: Morgantown, WV

Today, gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney announced more about his plans to finally put a stop to the corruption that appears to be rampant in West Virginia state government.

"Allegations of conflicts of interest against government employees have swirled this week and now Earl Ray Tomblin's administration is under criminal investigation. From allegations of rigging a contract for a preferred company to directing state grant money to a relative's organization, politics in Charleston looks more like Chicago-style cronyism to me," stated Bill Maloney.

During just the past few weeks, we have also learned about appearances of nepotism at the State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, questionable expenses at the Department of Health and Human Resources, FBI investigations into the unwarranted use of a listening device and unusual purchasing practices at the Department of Commerce.

"This must end, and we must create an environment of certainty for new businesses to bring jobs to our state. For too long, politicians have not played by the same rules as everyone else. For 37 years, Earl Ray Tomblin has been the worst offender as he's directed millions in state tax dollars to funds that have made his family rich," stated Bill Maloney.

"We need to clean-up our state government. Businesses avoid West Virginia because of the "hidden tax' created by the corruption in our system. We need to ban all public officials from profiting from government contracts. We need to increase transparency in Charleston. West Virginia taxpayers deserve an online public database that lists all lobbyists' clients, their contract amounts, and the issues and legislation they're attempting to influence," added Maloney.

"As governor, I will clean-up our state government and increase accountability so that we have a state government that is responsive to our citizens, treats everyone fairly, and uses our tax dollars wisely," concluded Maloney.

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