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Obama Tomblin Economy Loses More Jobs Again

Press Release

Location: Morgantown, WV

The West Virginia Department of Commerce announced the August statewide unemployment numbers. Unfortunately, for West Virginians, the bleak jobs outlook hasn't changed.

"Earl Ray Tomblin is a complete failure on job creation. Unemployment is rising month after month. We wouldn't tolerate a losing streak like that from a football coach; we shouldn't tolerate it from a career politician like Earl Ray Tomblin," stated gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney.

Unemployment rose to 7.5% in August and included a loss of 1,600 in mining and logging.

"For the sake of our jobs, we need change in November. From Obama's War on Coal to Tomblin's total lack of leadership, the Obama-Tomblin team has failed us. While Earl Ray continues to support Obama, I will work to make sure Obama is defeated. We need new leadership in our state and in our nation," said Maloney.

This is the fifth consecutive month of rising unemployment, and the state has not experienced rising numbers like these since the start of the Great Recession in 2008. Since February 2008, unemployment has nearly doubled in West Virginia.

"We need leaders to fix our state, not out-of-touch politicians like Earl Ray Tomblin who think West Virginia is on the "right economic path'. The career politicians like Earl Ray Tomblin only protect their own jobs. As governor, I will protect West Virginians' jobs," added Maloney.

The recent numbers add to an avalanche of bad unemployment news in the past week. Earlier today, Alpha Natural Resources announced it was eliminating 1200 jobs. Over the weekend, we learned that 120 jobs at Chesapeake Energy will be eliminated or moved to Ohio.

"As a businessman who signed the front of a paycheck, I know what it takes to create jobs and encourage economic growth in the private-sector. I have a plan to take on the career politicians so we can create jobs, control government spending, and fix our job-killing tax structure," concluded Maloney.

Additionally, Maloney released an updated "Tomblin Job Loss Report," summarized below:

· In August, South Charleston's Clearon plant announced planned layoffs of up to 50 jobs, and company officials cited economic conditions in its announcement.

· Unemployment reports released in August 2012 point out that 3000 people have lost jobs in the mining and logging industry since July 2011.

· In early July, Bayer CropScience announced it would be ceasing operations at its West Virginia facilities in the Kanawha Valley. It is believed that about 250 jobs will be affected by this shutdown.

· RG Steel announced that it was closing its finishing plant in Wheeling, putting some 700 jobs in jeopardy.

· Patriot Coal announced on July 9th that is would be filing for bankruptcy protection. Patriot operates at least ten mines in West Virginia and has layed off more than 1,000 employees this year. The future of their current employees remain unclear.

· CONSOL Energy announced it was idling its Fola Operations, causing over 300 jobs to be lost. In its announcement, CONSOL stated the job losses were due, in part, to "the escalating costs and uncertainty generated by recently advanced EPA regulations and interpretations have created a challenging business climate for the entire coal industry."

· A quick-service restaurant in Huntington announced it will be closing its doors. The Wendy's in Huntington will be letting go of their employees because of a lack of business.

· A leading coal producer announced that they would eliminate 750 jobs, including some 150 in West Virginia. In the announcement, company leaders cited "a challenging regulatory environment" from the Obama Administration as one of the primary reasons for the job losses.

· Another major coal producer gave notice recently that they would be closing two mines and a preparation plant in Earl Ray Tomblin's home county.

· The Charleston Daily Mail reported recently that "the number of West Virginia businesses with paid employees has declined for six consecutive years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau." It is important to note that Earl Ray Tomblin served as governor for two of the six years and president of the West Virginia State Senate for four of the six years.

· Mountain State University lost its accreditation this summer and planned to layoff nearly 150 employees.

· According to the Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram on September 14, Chesapeake Energy will be eliminating 120 jobs in West Virginia. Some of these jobs will be moved out of state to Ohio.

· In September, Camden Clark Medical Center announced it was laying off more than 20 employees.

· A local small business in Charleston, Save Supply announced in September that is was closing its doors after over 80 years in business. The owners cited the downturn in the economy because of the "pulling (of) mining and drilling permits" as one of the main reasons for closing their business.

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