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Issue Position: Small Government and Fiscal Responsibility

Issue Position

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I believe in small government at both the federal and state level

The government is controlled by the voice of the people; as government increases in size the more muffled that voice becomes.

It is easier to grow government than it is to shrink it. Our state government has been growing at a faster rate per capita that most other states. Our state has the smallest population in the nation. We need a state government that is adequate for the current population, not for what the population might become.

Government is a revenue-consuming monster, and without a short leash and a tight muzzle this monster has the ability to consume all that we have, all that our children would have and all that their children might have. We are fortunate to live in a state where our legislators before us saw the need to put aside money for a rainy day. That effort has paid great dividends and it is important to protect and add to those assets.

We have made huge financial commitments to education in capital construction and per student spending, which I believe are investments for our future. However, we if we want to continue that sort of commitment then we have to control spending in other places and ensure that the money we spend on education is giving us the expected return.

Examples of issues that I feel are best left to the state to govern are:

Control of all wildlife species in the state.
Setting education standards and use of federal education funds.

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