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Illinois Unemployment Jumps to 9.1 Percent


Location: East Moline, IL

The Illinois Department of Employment Security is reporting that unemployment in Illinois has now jumped to 9.1 percent. Illinois added just 9,600 new jobs to the economy during August, while construction firms and trade, transportation, and utility employers lost a combined 2,500 jobs.

U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) released the following statement:

"Governor Quinn's policies of over-taxation and over-regulation simply don't work--we can't tax or regulate our state into prosperity. Illinois desperately needs a dose of common sense. It's time for lawmakers in Springfield to cut back on some of these burdensome regulations and repeal the 67 percent income tax increase that took a full week's pay away from every Illinois worker. We have to make Illinois a more attractive place not only to do business, but to raise a family.

"My opponent has proposed that we expand on these failed Pat Quinn policies and take them to Washington. This makes no sense for Illinois families or Illinois businesses. In addition to that, my opponent, who has a financial stake in a Hong Kong-based outsourcing company, is proposing a new bring-back tax, which would send even more Illinois jobs overseas.

"I have a plan to bring jobs back to Illinois. We need to lower the corporate tax rate on the federal level, bringing back the more than $1.5 trillion in expatriated profits currently sitting overseas, and then we need to fix our broken Illinois government and make Illinois a better place to create jobs. We live in the greatest state in the union, but bad government is standing in our way. If we stop the over-taxation and over-regulation, there's no doubt we can get this state moving in the right direction again."

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