Dr. David Gill Blasts Rodney Davis' "Market-based" Health "Plan"

Press Release

By:  David Gill
Date: Sept. 17, 2012
Location: Unknown

"Rodney Davis' rollout of a supposed "market-based" health plan is little more than payback for his insurance company sponsors," said Gill. "Clearly, when Aetna Insurance paid for a barrage of false and deceptive ads against me, they extracted a promise from Davis. The promise is Davis' support for a return to the bad old days, when health insurers could freely deny coverage and impose lifetime caps. Those so-called "market-based' tactics insure only one thing -- the death of patients."

Last week, the shady conservative PAC American Action Network began airing $320,000 worth of scurrilous ads attacking Dr. Gill's support of health care reform. Aetna Insurance inadvertently disclosed that they are a major donor of American Action Network.

Davis, aided by his fellow health insurance company apologist, Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) conducted a conference call today that claimed to "announce" a health care plan, while attacking Dr. Gill.

"As a fellow physician, Dr. Price should be ashamed of himself for advocating a return to a broken health care system that denies care to millions and costs the life of an uninsured American every twelve minutes. And Rodney Davis' family has benefited from some of the best "government run" health care for years paid for by the taxpayers. Rodney wants to protect those gold-plated plans for insiders like him, but deny more affordable health care options for the rest of us. I have issues with the Affordable Care Act and it needs to be improved but to go back to the days when insurance companies could deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition, charge women more for basic health care, drop you because you get sick--those are dangerous, life-threatening situations that we can't risk," said Gill.

Davis acknowledged in an interview with the State Journal Register that "he had insurance through his federal job." Yet, he wants to deny fellow residents of Illinois' 13th district the same kind of reliable health care that saved his wife's life.

The wives of both candidates were diagnosed with colon cancer. Mrs. Davis fortunately survived. Tragically, Polly Gill died. As a small business owner, Dr. Gill's health insurance policy provided only catastrophic care. The Gill family received a bill for $17,000 in unreimbursed medical costs while they were planning Polly's funeral.

Rep. Price, who is a major recipient of health insurance largess, served his patrons well: attacking Dr. Gill's commitment to his patients by interjecting a ridiculous statement about euthanasia designed to scare voters who otherwise embrace Dr. Gill's commitment to health care reform.

Gill stressed his dedication to his patients, stating, "I've been a family practice and ER doctor for 24 years. It's what I wanted to do since I was 6 years old. Now, every day, my job is to try to save lives. I've never violated the law or my Hippocratic Oath--and I never will."

"Davis, Price and their patrons should be ashamed of themselves, putting big health insurance company profits ahead of patient care," said Tom Alte, Gill's Deputy Campaign Manager.

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