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Congresswoman Judy Biggert Voted Against Funding to Boost U.S. Manufacturing

Press Release

Location: Naperville, IL

While one of the most cost-effective investments that our country can make is in worker training in support of advanced manufacturing, Congresswoman Biggert has consistently voted for policies that damaged U.S. manufacturing. She voted for poorly negotiated trade deals and tax policies that encouraged shipping American jobs overseas, and as a result one third of all U.S. manufacturing jobs were lost during the years that her party held power.

In 2004, Congresswoman Biggert voted against increasing funding for a successful and proven program to provide manufacturers assistance with worker training, advice on business practices, and instruction on the use of information technology. Instead of helping the U.S. workforce, she remained a party-line voter for earmark-filled appropriations, poorly-planned wars, tax breaks for the wealthy and budgets that drove our country into debt.

Flashback 2004: In 2004, Congresswoman Biggert voted against an amendment to more than double the funding for the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program from $110 million to $227 million. The partnership was a nationwide network of more than 400 not-for-profit centers that provided assistance to manufacturers.

"We need to invest for the long term in manufacturing and support industries that keep jobs here in Illinois," said Bill Foster. "These programs pay for themselves over time as trained workers earn higher salaries and company profits are increased with a more productive workforce. But Congresswoman Biggert voted against these programs, and for bad trade and tax policies that shipped American jobs overseas and devastated American manufacturing. As a scientist and businessman, I understand the challenges that businesses face, and will always put the interests of American manufacturers and workers before the profits of transnational corporations that ship jobs overseas."

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