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Nunnelee Newsletter Work for Welfare


Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

The measure of success for our welfare programs should be how many people we move off of them and into the workforce, not how many more people we can add to the dole. Creating permanent reliance on the state is destructive not only to the taxpayer, but to the person caught in the cycle of poverty and dependency.

I support work requirements for welfare benefits because I believe the best welfare program is a job. That is why I have been so alarmed by the Obama administration's efforts to gut the bipartisan reforms passed by a Republican Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996. The administration claims their waivers are merely to allow states to experiment and have "flexibility." The problem is we already know that does not work. A new report from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service shows that the number of able bodied adults on food stamps has doubled since the stimulus bill passed in 2009 waived the work rules for that program.

This week the House voted to restore the work requirements by passing a resolution of disapproval of the President's actions. The facts show that work rules have been a success and the only explanation for the Obama administration's stance is ideology. They simply do not believe that people should be required to work and see no problem with open ended welfare benefits. It is all a part of their belief in redistribution of wealth.

I believe we should be encouraging work and prosperity, not dependency and decline.

Stay in touch and God bless.

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