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NRA Voice of Freedom Event

Location: Unknown

Good Evening!

Thank you for being here tonight.

Sitting in this room are some of Arizona's strongest champions for States' rights and individual liberties -- and I am proud to count myself among you.

Your support of the NRA and pro-freedom candidates is critical to our nation's future.

I hope we always remember that our Second Amendment rights protect all the hard-won freedoms that our forefathers gave to us.

Before I begin, I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of Sheriff Larry Dever. His love for his family and his commitment to serving his community were Sheriff Dever's calling in life. His tireless dedication to protecting and serving Cochise County was an inspiration to all Arizonans. His passing has saddened us all and his leadership will surely be missed.

Now, let me say how thankful I am for your continued support -- and your partnership.

I am happy to see many great Americans here tonight --- including Wayne LaPierre the heart of the NRA, Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek and many other defenders of freedom.

I am also honored to be joined tonight by my good friend Sandy Froman. Sandy has been my friend for many years and is a true American patriot. I wish we had more patriots like her in government --- or even better --- on the Supreme Court!

Unfortunately, we live in a time when patriots in government are few and far between. I am reassured in seeing such a large gathering of politically engaged friends tonight. But, we must do more to protect our liberty from the ever-creeping power of the federal government.

Just a few years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees individuals the right to keep and bear arms. However, this common sense ruling came only by the narrowest of margins.

There can be no doubt that if the President is re-elected, a Supreme Court consisting of more liberal appointees will come to a different conclusion.

This is not just rhetoric. Our Second Amendment rights --- and many other freedoms --- are in grave jeopardy if we do not change course.

The evidence of this is all around us. In the past year, the federal government has attacked Arizona for trying to protect our international border.

Yet, at the same time, it has instituted amnesty policies for illegal aliens and armed the drug cartels with American weapons.

In Arizona, we have fought for the Rule of Law while the federal government has actively sought to undermine it.

We can either honor our laws --- or we can abolish them. Our President upholds the law only when it suits him.

The problem is, when you selectively honor only some laws, you undermine all of our laws.

I firmly believe that the Constitution was written expressly to limit the power of government over its citizens. Our President thinks it works the other way around.

Remember the wise saying: "Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither."

I am here tonight to tell you that we can restore our nation to its Constitutional roots.

We can return to a time when the Rule of Law --- not the failed policies of an arrogant politician ---reigned supreme.

How do I know we can do this? Because that is exactly what we did here in Arizona after I took office.

At the time of my inauguration in 2009, our state faced some of its biggest challenges since statehood. Our challenges were both fiscal and philosophical.

For starters, our financial obligations far outpaced our income. Through much-needed reforms we turned our huge budget shortfall into a surplus.

But we did not just budget our way to prosperity.

During my first years in office we enacted our own massive stimulus package. Of course, our stimulus was much different and far cheaper than Washington's. We gave our Arizona stimulus package a one word title: "freedom!"

During my first address as Governor, I promised to lead Arizona to better times. And I am proud to report: I kept my promise!

Our unemployment rate has fallen nearly 3 percentage points since 2010.

Arizona has recently been ranked the nation's best state for entrepreneurs and one of the top 10 for business owners.

Forbes magazine ranks us number two for business growth prospects.

And, I have signed more than fifteen bills that expand and solidify Second Amendment rights for Arizonans. That is about how many Second Amendment bills my predecessor vetoed.

Arizona has made the turn-around. I know America can make the turn-around. The key is freedom. In every way we can, we must make our people free.

Freedom is not a mere word, but the purpose and calling of mankind. Our Founding Fathers staked their lives for this cause --- and countless American patriots have since sacrificed all to preserve it.

This is why it is so critical that we actively support organizations like the NRA, and candidates who will protect freedom.

We must not --- we cannot --- be distracted by those in government who try to disguise or diminish their assault on our freedom.

For America, our finest days lie ahead. But only if we support and fiercely protect our freedom.

With freedom comes real hope that a people can use their God-given abilities to better themselves. And when individuals lift themselves up, we must applaud that success -- not attack it.

We have all seen what the President's position is on success: If you succeed, government is going to take the credit and your profit.

To those who support such a position, I say: Attacking success is a sure path to failure.

Tonight, I encourage you to carefully consider the value you place on your freedom --- especially your right to defend yourself and your family. If it is something you value greatly, please support the NRA and vote for individuals who will protect our liberties and rights.

We will succeed in this cause. Arizona has made a tremendous recovery sticking to the principles of freedom. America can do the same.

May God bless you and your families and our Great State of Arizona.

And may God always bless and protect the United States of America.

Thank you.

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