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Leader Cantor Discusses President Obama's Lack of Leadership on CNBC & FOX


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The President Has Demonstrated A Lack Of Leadership. "When the entire debt ceiling debate culminated August 2nd of last year, the resolution at the time to avoid going over that cliff was that we put in place this agreement that the Super Committee was supposed to come up with the remaining cuts that we were unable to do so with the White House. Unfortunately, the two parties didn't get together. Instead, we now have this sequestration in place that will become real at the end of this year, if there is no action. The House of Representatives back in May put forward our solution and said these are the cuts that we want to put in place instead of the indiscriminate cuts that will impact our ability to defend this country. But the President, Harry Reid - none of them have acted. It's the lack of leadership on the part of this White House that has gotten us to where we are. If you look at any issue whether it is energy policy, tax policy, policy to encourage entrepreneurs in this country, I think the President has demonstrated a lack of leadership and I think that's why you're seeing the polls doubt his ability to solve the problems because frankly he's in over his head." CNBC Squawk Box

The President's Refusal To Replace The Sequester Will Impact Our National Security And Jobs. "One thing that is particular and specific to Virginia are these looming defense cuts. We have a very rich heritage of participation in the defense of our country in the Commonwealth and with the ability for us to go forward as a country, Virginia plays a very important role. When you see the President refusing to get involved with substituting these defense cuts, it will have a real impact on the communities across our Commonwealth and it means real jobs and it will mean real layoffs." CNBC Squawk Box

House Republicans Have Always Been Willing To Work With The President And His Party. "We have always been willing to sit down and talk about how we can cooperate together. We have always said to the President, to Harry Reid and others, listen, if you feel it's so necessary to add to the tax burden of the working families and small businesses of this country, at least join us in fixing the problem. Otherwise you're asking people to pay more in money while you're digging the hole deeper and that will only encourage more incurrence of debt and less investment for the future of this country. We'll end up paying more of an interest bill than we will in terms of investment for the future of the next generation. We've always said we'd be willing to sit down and talk and demonstrated that. Unfortunately, there's just been no willingness to put a solution on the table on the part of this President." CNBC Squawk Box

The American People Want to See America Lead Again. "We saw the interview that President Obama conducted with '60 Minutes' the other night. In the interview, it was very clear that the President feels we've made a lot of progress in the Middle East and that perhaps we've experienced a few bumps in the road was his terminology. Well, the problem with that assessment is it misses the point on the ground in the Middle East. It misses the growing threat that our ally Israel faces in the region as well as our other allies in the Gulf by growing a bravado in Tehran. The President has demonstrated that there really isn't a central rudder to our foreign policy coming out of the White House. I think most Americans are looking at it, wanting to see more leadership, wanting to see America lead again." FOX America's Newsroom

Bin Laden Is Dead Al-Qaeda Is Not, The Threat We Face Is Very Real. "The information is still forthcoming, but I think most now will recognize this was a terrorist act. This is also an indication that although Bin Laden is dead Al-Qaeda is not. The threat that we face through the fanaticism and Islamic extremism coming out of the Middle East is very real. That calls for a strong foreign policy right now. It is something that I know our friends in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv are not very comfortable with given the threat that they face and the posture that this White House has taken. Frankly, I think that our allies in the Gulf states also feel the need for a more certain leadership coming out of the White House." FOX America's Newsroom

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