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CBS "Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer" - Transcript


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BOB SCHIEFFER: Marsha Blackburn, every poll seems to suggest that when it comes to women voters, Mitt Romney just doesn't do very well. I mean, he's up, I think now in Ohio, is it twenty-five points among women. Why do you think that is?

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN (R-Tennessee): I think there is a couple of things there. Number one, I think most women are independent voters. And they're waiting to see some specifics. And as I've been in Nevada and North Carolina and Virginia and different states, what I hear from women is they want jobs in the economy is issue number one. They want specifics. They want to know what is going to be done to repeal, replace Obamacare, make that workable. They are looking for detail. And I think a lot of the undecideds are there and that female vote is very soft.


REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: And, Larry, I think you're seeing that in your polling, too. It's very movable and as we get into the debates, as people react-- women are appalled with what happened in Libya. And I-- I think they're looking for some accountabilities. They want to see a serious--

BOB SCHIEFFER: But-- but-- what you are saying is that Mitt Romney is not specific enough. He needs to give us some more details on what he plans to do.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: I think that you're going to see that come forward in the-- in the debates and over the next couple of weeks and he has started to roll out some of the specifics and that's what women are wanting to see.


BOB SHRUM: Well, one thing they-- one thing that's being telegraphed by the Romney folks and I wouldn't have telegraphed it if-- if this was the question I wanted to ask is do you want another four years like the last four years. Because the President has clearly heard that, it's in the Romney ad--

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: But that's the question people ask.

BOB SHRUM: Well, I know, but Ronald Reagan was smart enough not to say are you better off today than you were four years ago until he got to the debate. The President knows that question is going to be asked. He s going to prepared to answer it. All of that said, I think if you look at the history, five of the last six times an incumbent has debated a challenger in a first debate, the-- the in-- the challenger has won.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, so what were you going to say, Marsh?

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Well, that's the question people are asking.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Congresswoman.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: They know they are not better off than they were four years ago.

BOB SHRUM: Well, that's the wrong question actually.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Because household income has gone down.

BOB SHRUM: But that's--

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Insurance costs have gone up. The price of a gallon of gas has gone up. Groceries have gone up. People know they are not better off than they were and they're watching--

BOB SHRUM: You know, they're-- then why has Romney moved-- why has Romney moved off that question? He's not asking that question anymore. He's asking a different question, "Do you want another four years like the last four years?" Now, I think there are some good answers to that and I think the President will get ready on that. But four years ago this country was on the abyss of a depression. We're not today and there is a reason why in all this polling data, the President, who should be behind on who can handle the economy is now either tied or ahead. People are not dumb. They don't think Barack Obama created these circumstances.

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: People know that the stimulus and all of this out-of-control spending increasing the federal debt by fifty percent has not helped them. It has made their situation worse.

BOB SHRUM: These are just-- these are just Republican talking points.


BOB SHRUM: And I don't think they're going anywhere with people.



BOB SCHIEFFER: I'm going to close with you two. What would each of you say to the people on your side right now and-- and I'll go with you first, Marsha (INDISTINCT).

REPRESENTATIVE MARSHA BLACKBURN: Well, I think that looking at some of the way the polls are weighted, that is why you're seeing some of the polling like it is. I do think it's going to be very close. I hope that Romney does a solid performance on Wednesday night. I don't look for anything that's going to be huge home runs. I think he'll-- he will do well. Jobs in the economy, this out-of-control issue with Libya, the national security, people are watching that. Forty-three months of above eight-percent unemployment. I think it is very difficult for the President. I think these states are going to be very close. And my hope is that we're going to push forward with the win.


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