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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Congressman, great to have you with us tonight.

Just for the record, you know, I think Mr. Rowe must be a pretty good guy, very successful in the television industry, a good communicator. But isn`t this a perfect example of how folks who are wage earners may not be paying attention to who actually is fighting for them and might even step up on the wrong stage and vote for the wrong person? Your thoughts.

REP. JIM MCDERMOTT (D), WASHINGTON: Well, this is a desperate attempt
by Romney to put a whole different spin on his campaign, to suddenly becomes someone who cares about people who do the dirty work in this society. He has shown no sympathy for them in the past, he has shown no sympathy for their health care needs or their education needs or their employment needs.

I mean, the auto industry is a perfect example. But there are lots of others. And they are now realizing with their numbers falling through the floor that they`ve got to do something to look like they care about working America. It is really a desperate move.

SCHULTZ: And the Democrats have been very specific in their efforts.

It was President Obama who was trying time and time again to come forward
with a specific jobs bill for infrastructure -- that would affect the kind of jobs that they`re talking about on the Romney stage today. And I guess we have to remind Americans of the kind of obstruction that was in the environment in Washington.

MCDERMOTT: We went again and again and again to the floor to try and
get infrastructure funding. And the Republicans simply held it up.

I mean, Paul Ryan was right in the center of it. And now you`re going
to make him vice president of the United States, in charge of opposing
infrastructure building. It makes no sense.

The country cannot work if we don`t invest both in people`s education
and in the infrastructure, and Romney has no record of it, and Paul Ryan
has a record of being against it.


MCDERMOTT: So I don`t see how anybody`s going to vote for them.

SCHULTZ: I mean, on the stage, the theatrics of it all and the semantics of it as well -- Mike Rowe is up there talking about the very people that Mitt Romney was dissing behind closed doors at that fund-raiser.

He can`t say it about them, but maybe this guy can. Maybe I`ll hand
the microphone to this guy, this guy named Mike Rowe, who wears a workman`s hat and a sweatshirt and goes around and has pretty good visibility, maybe he can get up there and say that I really do care about these folks. I mean, I find this of somewhat of a desperate move, the choreography of all
of this.

MCDERMOTT: Well, it`s really based, Ed, on the idea that the American
people are stupid and they`ll forget what he said last week. And now he
comes with this show today and says, no, that wasn`t me last week. That --
you forget about that guy. I`m a guy who really cares about working

The American voters are not -- they did not miss the point about the
47 percent who don`t pay income tax. The unemployed don`t pay -- they
don`t pay income tax. And those people are the ones we`re talking about

SCHULTZ: Congressman Jim McDermott, great to have you on "HE ED SHOW


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