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Last Thursday, the House of Representatives passed, H. J. Res. 118, disapproving of the Obama Administration's waiver of work requirements for welfare. Most Americans believe it is common sense that those who have the ability to work should do so in order to receive welfare benefits. However, the Obama Administration demonstrated yet again it is out of touch with the American people by waiving the federal welfare work requirement earlier this year. Congress decided this issue in 1996 with landmark Welfare Reform legislation excluding activities such as bed rest, journaling and motivational reading as "work." We do not need the Administration yet again making an end-run around Congress with this waiver setting federal welfare policy. I applaud the passage of this resolution reinforcing the right of Congress to write laws and set policy, and I will continue to fight in every way possible to restore common sense to Washington.

On Friday, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3409, the Stop the War on Coal Act. I support our nation's energy industry and this bill enables our nation's energy producers to continue harvesting our domestic resources. It prohibits the Secretary of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing new regulations adversely affecting mining jobs and our economy. In South Louisiana, we understand the importance of an "all-of-the-above' energy approach. This legislation not only cuts out red tape, but it empowers domestic energy producers. I was proud to vote in favor it.

Last Saturday, I attended the United States Post Office dedication ceremony honoring Abbeville Vietnam War Hero, Sergeant Richard Franklin Abshire. I introduced legislation seeking the name change and am happy to tell you it was signed into law by the President after having been passed by both the United States House of Representatives and Senate earlier in the year.

Attending this event was a tremendous honor. I was happy to celebrate this dedication in Abbeville with so many members of Sergeant Abshire's family, Abbeville High School class of 1962 classmates, and fellow veterans in attendance. Sergeant Abshire is Vermilion Parish's most decorated Vietnam War veteran being posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his bravery in a combat zone.

As we honor Sergeant Abshire, we must also recognize our present-day heroes serving around the globe - those who have fallen and those who continue to fight. We thank the members of our armed services as well as their families. I am proud and thankful to have this legislation not only become law but turned into reality to honor Sergeant Abshire.

Also attending the ceremony were many local citizens of Abbeville, including Mayor Mark Piazza.

In an effort to spread awareness of issues important to constituents in South Louisiana, I encourage all of you to visit my Facebook page by clicking here. Also, I encourage all of you to check the website at: for the latest on press releases, opinions, and pictures. Please feel free to forward this e-news update to your friends and family!


Charles W. Boustany, Jr. M.D.
Member of Congress

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