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Boustany: "Taxpayers Shouldn't Have to Pay for President's Risky Bets."


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., (R-South Louisiana) released the following statement today after the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed H.R. 6213, the No More Solyndras Act:

"This legislation ensures taxpayers are never again left on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars for any future president's risky bets. The Act phases out the Department of Energy's flawed loan guarantee program. It stops future debacles like the recent $535 million loan guarantee for the California solar panel manufacturer named Solyndra.

"This Administration refuses to promote legitimate domestic energy resources by issuing moratoriums in the Gulf of Mexico and needlessly delaying job creating projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline. Instead, it chooses to invest in unproven technologies resulting in bankruptcies with hundreds of millions of wasted taxpayer dollars. That's not a way to move forward.

"In South Louisiana, we know domestic energy resources are waiting to be tapped. Whether it's petroleum, natural gas, or any other source, we must harness our natural resources at home in order to create jobs and make sure hard-working families aren't forced to feel the pain at the pump."

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