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McCaskill, Missouri Seniors Talk about the Importance of Protecting Social Security and Medicare

Press Release

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Today, Claire McCaskill was joined by three Missouri seniors on a conference call with Missouri reporters to discuss the importance of protecting Social Security and Medicare as we continue looking for responsible solutions to reduce the federal deficit. During the call, Claire discussed the clear choice that this election presents between herself, a Senator on the side of Missouri seniors, and Todd Akin, a candidate who believes compromise is a dirty word and would privatize Social Security and turn Medicare in a voucher program. Akin's plans would cut these safety nets out from under one million Missouri seniors, leaving them to wrestle with big insurance companies and Wall Street banks.

"As Missouri's Senator, protecting Social Security and Medicare so that seniors have a secure and stable safety net has been something I've always fought for," said McCaskill. "If Todd Akin's extreme plan to voucherize Medicare wasn't enough, he'd also pull a triple-whammy on seniors who rely on Social Security by raising the retirement age, reducing benefits and turning retirement security over to Wall Street's rollercoaster, basically taking the word "security' out of the equation. We need to get our fiscal house in order, but doing so on the backs of Missouri's seniors just isn't the answer. The bottom line is that Todd Akin's positions on Medicare and Social Security are out of the mainstream and just go too far."

Claire was joined on the call today by three seniors who talked about how Social Security and Medicare bring security and stability to their lives as they balance living on a budget with the rising costs of healthcare. All three seniors concluded that Claire was the only candidate they trust to fight for Missouri's seniors.

"Without Medicare there would be no way that I would have been able to afford the over $700,000 in surgeries I have had in the last few years," said Jim Hagan of Springfield. "It is imperative that we keep Claire in the Senate to protect the safety net that has kept Missourians like me healthy and out of poverty."

"As someone who counts on Social Security for my retirement income, I'm standing by Claire because she fights for millions like me know Social Security must be strengthened and protected, not privatized," said Marty Walsh of St. Louis. "In Washington, we need more people like Claire who know the greatest danger Social Security faces comes from extreme politicians like Todd Akin who would entrust seniors' livelihoods to the mercies of Wall Street investors."

"My husband relies on the support of Medicare for the dialysis treatment he receives three times a week," said Twila Morgan of St. Joseph. "I trust that Claire will fight for my husband and I in the Senate to make sure we are able to enjoy the retirement we worked our whole lives for."

Todd Akin has questioned Medicare's constitutionality, sponsored numerous proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system thereby making seniors deal directly with insurance companies. He plans to privatize Social Security and has advocated for raising the retirement age while simultaneously reducing benefits.

In the Senate, Claire's consistently been on the side of Missouri seniors and working families who want to responsibly bring down the debt while ensuring that the safety net that keeps many Missourians safe from poverty remains intact.

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