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Stop the War on Coal; Create Jobs


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This week the House passed another bipartisan "jobs package" called H.R. 3409, Stop the War on Coal Act. The first part of the bill, the Coal Miner Employment and Domestic Energy Infrastructure Protection Act, will support U.S. energy production by prohibiting the Secretary of the Interior from issuing new regulations that could negatively impact mining jobs and our economy. This bill is a necessary measure to prevent the administration's sweeping rewrite of coal mining regulation that will cost jobs and decrease American energy production.

The second part of the bill, the Energy Tax Prevention Act, will stop the Environmental Protection Agency from using the Clean Air Act to impose costly, greenhouse gas regulations that would drive up energy prices, send jobs overseas, and further hamper our economic growth. The Energy Tax Prevention Act will permanently prevent the EPA from levying a national energy tax under the Clean Air Act, all without weakening the Clean Air Act in any way.

The third part of the bill provides for more accurate accounting of the full cost of EPA rules. This bipartisan legislation requires analysis of the full economic impacts of certain environmental regulations so that Americans will be able to better understand how these policies affect U.S. manufacturing, global competitiveness, energy prices, and jobs.

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