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Are Your Kids Hungry?


Location: Unknown

While I traveled throughout the First District in August, parents who had just sent their children back to school for the year told me time and again about the changes in their school cafeterias. In 2010 -- before I came to Washington -- Congress passed legislation that empowered the USDA to write an enact a new rule with severe calorie restrictions for school lunches. This past week, I joined my colleague Congressman Steve King of Iowa (and also a member of the House Agriculture Committee) to introduce the "No Hungry Kids Act." This legislation will repeal the USDA's rule that created the Washington mandates for our local school cafeterias, prohibit the USDA's silly new caloric limits, and protect the rights of parents to send their children to school with the foods of their choice.

The goal of the school lunch program is supposed to be feeding children, not filling the trash cans with uneaten food. Staff have traveled to schools in the district and seen the evidence of mounds of discarded food. The USDA's new school lunch guidelines are a perfect example of what is wrong with government: misguided inputs, tremendous waste, and unaccomplished goals.

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