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Oasis for Food Deserts


Location: Unknown

I've also introduced this week the Preserving Healthy Food for the Hungry Act, a bill which will help low-income families better access locally produced fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, many under privileged families live in what are known as "food deserts,' communities that have limited access to well-stocked supermarkets and grocery stores. Families living in these areas frequently rely on fast food restaurants and snack foods as their main diet, which are often high in calories and lacking any nutritious value.

Many studies have shown that children who rely on unhealthy diets are more likely to suffer from obesity and obesity related diseases, such as Type-2 Diabetes, which can lead to dramatically decreased life expectancies. This bill will provide local farms, cooperatives, and urban gardens in these underserved communities access to state-of-the-art quick and flash freezing equipment so that their harvest can be enjoyed by low-income families throughout the year.

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