We Will Not Support Radicalism

Floor Speech

By:  Dan Burton
Date: Sept. 21, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, recently we passed a continuing resolution to take care of the funding of the government until next March. And one of the things that concerned a lot of us was: Is any of that money in that continuing resolution going to go to help the Government of Egypt or Libya or any of the other countries where we see all that civil unrest and all the horrible acts of murder taking place?

And I never did get an answer, so I would just like to say to my colleagues who are going to be here--I'm retiring at the end of this year--we should not give one dime, not one penny, to any country that tries to undermine the United States' interests around the world, and we should not give one penny to anybody that constantly tries to spread radical fundamentalist Muslim beliefs in this world.

Shari'a law is something we can't live with, and we need to let them know very clearly that if they want to work with the United States, fine, but they're not getting any money from us if this continues.

This world is in a terrible state because of these radicals, and we must not let them win this battle.


The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Reed). The Chair would remind Members to refrain from trafficking the well while a Member is under recognition.

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