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Dear Friend,

225 years ago Monday, our Founding Fathers signed the document that set in place the principles that guide our great nation -- our Constitution. As your Representative, I have sworn to uphold the Constitution and I take this promise to my constituents and my country very seriously.

As you may have heard, both the Senate and the House this week left Washington, putting aside plenty of important legislative work until after the election in November. The House has passed a plan to avoid sequestration, a plan to keep taxes low for all Americans, more than 30 jobs bills, the defense authorization bill for next year, and two budget proposals to help change the conversation in Washington from "how much can we spend?' to "how much can we save?' The Senate has failed to act on these priorities, and left town. The Senate should not leave town until it has taken up all of these important issues.

It was this Congress that passed a multi-year transportation bill that prioritizes our roads and bridges, three Free Trade Agreements, the Jumpstart our Business Start-ups jobs bill, repealed the health care reform law's onerous 1099 tax reporting requirement and the 3 percent withholding tax on small businesses, passed the VOW to Hire Heroes veterans' jobs bill, the STOCK Act, a four-year FAA reauthorization, and a defense bill that will promote workload and jobs at the Rock Island Arsenal, all on a bipartisan basis.

In addition, I've been working hard over the last several months to advance the bipartisan Farm Bill that passed the House Agriculture Committee. Legislation I introduced, H. Con. Res. 82, would prevent Congress from leaving town before passing a budget and getting its work done. I'm proud to cosponsor H.R. 6438, the Member Pay Reduction and Responsibility Act, that would cut Members of Congress' and the President's pay if they cannot work together to find a solution on sequestration. I stand ready to return to Washington with willing partners in the Senate and the Administration so we can work together. There is much more work to do.

Bobby Schilling
Member of Congress

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