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Issue Position: Civil Liberties

Issue Position

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Kerry Bentivolio is committed to defending the Constitution and Bill of Rights each and every time.

Our civil rights are the cornerstone of our society.

The United States is unique in the history of world.

We are not unique because we have the most powerful military today or because we have the largest economy today. Many countries before us held those distinctions.

We are unique, however, because our Constitution enshrines the rights of the people as inalienable. Our rights, the Constitution says, are not given by the Constitution, but come from God, come from our nature, and are to be protected by the Constitution.

Thus, the Constitution declares that every individual should have the same right. Amendments 13, 14, 15, 19, and 26 rightly ended slavery, established equal protection under the law, and guaranteed everyone but aliens, felons, and minors the right to vote.

We have rights as individuals, not as groups.

We have the right as law-abiding citizens to be free from government invading our privacy.

We have the right to protest.

The freedom of speech is vital to our society. Where speech is controlled, ideas are controlled, and thus, people are controlled. Any free society must reject that. To do anything else would lead us down a slippery slope toward tyranny.

As Congressman, I will oppose any measures to regulate speech on the Internet, or to license and regulate the behavior of Internet service providers (ISPs).

And I firmly oppose "equal time" regulations to control political speech.

The Constitution makes no distinction between what is good and bad protesting. It makes no value judgments. It is what it is, and I must stand by in defense of the freedom of speech, even for those people who I strongly oppose.

We have the right as individuals to engage in political speech free from restriction and intimidation.

We have the right as individuals to join a union, or refrain from doing so.
We have the right, as individuals, to our life, our liberty, and our property.
These are our natural rights, and we must defend them.

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