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Rep. Walsh Issues Statement on Thwarted Terror Attack


Location: Unknown

Today Rep. Joe Walsh (IL-08) released the following statement on the news that police foiled a would-be terror attack in Chicago.

"While I am horrified to learn that an attack could have happened so close to home, sadly I am not surprised," said Walsh. "Home-grown terrorism is a real threat here in the United States both in the suburbs and the big cities. It's something that law enforcement and Americans must face and discuss, instead of worrying about political correctness. We must also rise against partisan politics and work together to keep our country safe."

Walsh, a member of the Committee on Homeland Security, has spoken previously about the threat of the radicalization of Muslim-Americans. The committee has held five hearings on the topic over the past two years.

"As I've stated in the past, the majority of Muslim-Americans in the United States are peaceful, honorable citizens. However, our government must do a better job of focusing on the small strain of radical Islam right here in America that is determined to do this country great harm. This is an issue that all Americans must take seriously, and we must work across party lines to tackle this very serious threat."

On Friday, police arrested 18-year-old Adel Daoud on charges that he attempted to plant and set off a car bomb in Chicago. The teen was part of a year-long operation by undercover law enforcement that began in Villa Park (a Northwest Suburb of Chicago).

"I commend law enforcement for thwarting this threat early. Illinoisans continue to owe them a debt of thanks for keeping us safe. As a Member of the Homeland Security Committee, I will continue to work with Chairman Peter King to ensure that law enforcement has all the tools they need to stop threats like these," concluded Walsh.

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