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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I wholeheartedly oppose Obamacare, and would repeal it.

The government takeover of nearly one-fifth of our economy has only led to an increase in the cost of both healthcare and health insurance.

The recent Supreme Court ruling that granted the Congress an unlimited power to use the tax code to compel us into buying a product from private companies is a massive intrusion on our freedom.

Washington should not be allowed to control every aspect of our lives. I ask all Americans to join me in standing up to this intrusion into our daily lives.
We can reclaim our right to be self-responsible citizens without the management of Washington bureaucrats, but we must take action in November.

One problem that too many Americans currently face, though, is that they are not empowered to participate fully in the market because their only realistic option for insurance depends on whatever their employer chooses for them.
This system has become even more burdensome as Michiganders have found themselves out of work. Health savings accounts--as exemplified by our neighbors in Indiana--have proven to be an effective reform that has brought free market principles into the purchase of health insurance.

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