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McDowell Calls for Responsible Budgeting in New Ad

Press Release

Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI

Gary McDowell, Democratic candidate for Michigan's 1st District, calls for responsible budgeting in his latest campaign ad.

"We need to send a message to Washington about the out of control spending," said Gary McDowell. "Congressman Benishek has done it all wrong -- he voted to cut Medicare in order to give more tax breaks to the wealthy meanwhile too many Democrats won't get serious about cutting wasteful spending."

"Under Congressman Benishek's plan seniors would pay $6,400 a year more for their benefits while millionaires pay $200,000 a year less in taxes and it doesn't even reduce the deficit," McDowell continues. "We need to send a message to Washington. The way to cut spending is to cut the waste."

To get spending under control while preserving and strengthening Medicare for current and future McDowell says we need to start by eliminating wasteful and duplicative programs and spending per the February 2012 GAO report; saving upwards of $100 billion.

McDowell's new ad will begin running in Northern Michigan on Friday the 14th of September.

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