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Congressman Rivera Denounces Use of Ché Guevara Image in EPA Hispanic Heritage Month Email


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David Rivera released the following statement today reacting to the Environmental Protection Agency's use of an image of Ché Guevara in an email to agency staff regarding Hispanic Heritage Month.

"It is deplorable that the Environmental Protection Agency would use a picture of a terrorist like Ché Guevara, especially in commemoration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Guevara was a ruthless murderer who helped the Castro brothers in their violent takeover to establish a dictatorial regime that is still terrorizing the Cuban people to this day. He was a mercenary with no regard for human life or civil rights as he tried to spread his brand of socialism throughout the world. Guevara wanted worldwide revolution and directed much of his vitriol at the United States, calling our country the "greatest enemy of mankind' and advocating for our extermination and destruction by way of nuclear bomb.

"Americans of Hispanic descent have made important and valuable contributions to this country throughout generations. It is nonsensical and extremely disheartening that the EPA chose to showcase a killer as part of their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. At best this is further proof of how out of step and tone deaf the Obama Administration is with the Hispanic-American community."

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