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Congressman Rivera Commends Cuban Dissidents After Hunger Strike, Calls for Continued Solidarity With Cause for a Free Cuba


Location: Miami, FL

Congressman David Rivera released the following statement reacting to news that 30 Cuban dissidents who were on a hunger strike ended their protest upon the release of Jorge Vazquez Chaviano from a Castro regime prison.

"Last week a group of 30 Cuban dissidents led by Marta Beatriz Roque and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez' began a hunger strike to protest the unjust incarceration of Jorge Vazquez Chaviano who was supposed to be released from a Castro regime prison on September 9th and was held an additional eight days without explanation. I commend the courageous people on the island who not only risked their lives in this instance, but who do so each and every day in their ongoing struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights in the face of an unwavering and brutal regime.

"Securing the release of Jorge Vazquez Chaviano is without a doubt a moral victory for the dissident movement. However the fact that a hunger strike is even necessary because of the Castro regime's continually increasing level of repression is unacceptable. Jailing, beating and detaining peaceful protestors who are simply demanding their basic human rights is unacceptable.

"We must continue to stand in solidarity with brave men and women like Marta Beatriz and Antunez who represent the very best of the Cuban people and their desire to be free."

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