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West Sequestration Bill Passes House of Representatives


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement tonight after his sponsored bill, the National Security and Jobs Protection Act, passed the House of Representatives Thursday with a 223- 196 vote.

"The National Security and Jobs Protection Act requires the President of the United States to submit an alternative plan to replace the sequester, and encourages the United States Senate to follow suit with its own alternative. Today, the House of Representatives worked together to pass this bill, proving we are prepared to work with the President on alternatives to achieve the same goal of replacing the sequester with cuts to lower priority spending programs, while protecting members of the armed services, our national security, important domestic programs and our fragile economy.

The President said last week that he wants the 'strongest military the world has ever known.' If the sequestration goes through and automatic across-the-board cuts take effect, national defense and essential domestic programs will be reduced as must as 10 percent. These cuts will undercut key responsibilities of the Federal Government and will take our military to the smallest size since World War II.

We don't have much time left before the automatic cuts in sequestration take effect, and we need to work together to find a solution. The January 2nd deadline is quickly approaching.

The National Security and Jobs Protection Act will not only ensure we continue to have a strong Armed Forces, it will show the American people their elected leaders are fully capable of working together to solve the problems facing their nation. I strongly encourage my colleagues in the United States Senate to also pass this bill."

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