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It was on September 17, 1787 that our United States Constitution was signed by thirty-nine men and sent to the states for ratification. For 225 years this precious document has stood as the foundation upon which our great nation is governed, and for 225 years, it is what our nation's servicemembers have bravely and honorably committed themselves to protect and defend. While we will celebrate the anniversary of its signing on Constitution Day, we must always remember the importance of the Constitution and that it is equally relevant today as it was more than two centuries ago.

The Constitutional Convention that was convened to draft this founding document took place over the course of four long months. Each member of the Constitutional Convention realized the significance of the document they were drafting. They knew that this document would forever bind the states of our nation together to form a "more perfect union." Our Founding Fathers realized the importance of ensuring that Constitutional powers were clearly defined and limited in nature. They ensured that the Constitution provided for a system of checks and balances so that the separate branches of government could not expand their power to areas outside of their Constitutional authority. And they ensured that the specific powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution would be reserved to the states and the people.

What the Framers did not intend for the Constitution to be is the Supreme Law of the Land that we can pick and choose to uphold at a time of our liking. Whether by preventing the Legislative Branch from carrying out our Constitutional obligation to provide oversight, ignoring the role of the Senate in judicial and executive appointments, or simply using executive orders to pass legislation that has failed to pass Congress, the current Administration has repeatedly sought to overstep its boundaries. This is not the freedom the Founding Fathers had in mind and for which they fought and enshrined in our Constitution.

After 225 years, the importance and meaning of the United States Constitution still holds true today, and it must not be abandoned. As we celebrate its anniversary, we must remember why we are still the greatest nation on earth. We must remember the sacrifices that have been made by those who have so bravely defended our freedom and those who continue to do so. As long as we continue each and every day to honor and remember their sacrifice and adhere to the guiding principles enshrined in the Constitution, we will remain the world's shining beacon of freedom, liberty, and justice for all and should not apologize for it.

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