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Extension of the Production Tax Credit

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PERLMUTTER. Mr. Speaker, I too rise to promote the extension of the production tax credit. Thousands of jobs in Colorado and across the Nation are dependent upon this incentive for good, clean energy here in the United States, thousands of manufacturing jobs made right here, wind production right here in America.

In Colorado, we have substantial manufacturing plants with Vestis; we have vendors who supply these particular manufacturers for this good clean energy. Yet we have the production tax credit that's about to expire.

Bipartisan support is in Colorado where we have virtually every Member, Democrats and Republicans, as well as you heard Mr. Blumenauer say he has a Republican cosponsor for this. But the Republican leadership will not bring it up, and it's been removed from the platform of the Republican Party.

These are good jobs in America. It's clean energy for our country. It's good for national security. If we make these things, these big windmills in America, we will make it in America.

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