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Endangered Fish Recovery Programs Extension Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. TIPTON. I thank Chairman Bishop for yielding. Chairman Bishop, I would also like to thank you for your leadership in leading the efforts on this important piece of legislation.

The Upper Colorado and San Juan River Basins provide key water and
power resources in the Third Congressional District of Colorado and other districts in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. These rivers are also home to four native fish species at risk of a ``jeopardy'' finding under the Endangered Species Act. Such a finding would impose on western constituents dramatic losses in water availability and hydropower reduction, resulting in lost jobs and increased power rates at a time when we can least afford it.

The Endangered Fish Recovery Act of 2012 extending the authorization for the Upper Colorado and San Juan Fish Recovery Implementation programs will continue necessary efforts to recover four endangered fish species and provide compliance for Federal, tribal, and non-Federal water projects. These programs are supported by a broad swath of stakeholders, from local towns and counties to environmental groups and private industry, and are excellent examples of local solutions in lieu of onerous Federal management and overregulation.

I'm also pleased to see the cost reforms in this extended authorization. H.R. 6060 limits overhead to 3 percent and prohibits Federal employees from traveling to Washington, D.C., to lobby for their programs--activities well beyond the bounds of their purview. These cost savings and their measures will allow for greater allocation of resources to species recovery.

I'm optimistic that these programs can reach their goals in the coming year, recover the species in jeopardy, and safeguard the economic well-being of our communities, jobs, and everything connected with these efforts.


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