National Security and Job Protection Act

Floor Speech

By:  Ken Calvert
Date: Sept. 13, 2012
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support, obviously, of H.R. 6365, the National Security and Job Protection Act.

Do we need any more evidence than recent events in Egypt and Libya to oppose these devastating cuts and what it would do to our Nation security? I don't think so.

If sequestration occurs, it would cut the military to its smallest size since before World War II. All the while, we're still a Nation at war in Afghanistan, facing unrest and aggression in the Middle East, increased threats from Iran, China, and North Korea.

In addition to the 10 percent cut to defense, our domestic programs would have, such as health, science, research, education, border security, an additional 8 percent cut.

In May, this House passed the only plan that's been presented thus far to prevent and replace sequestration, last May, by providing and making commonsense reforms to our fast-growing government that's on auto pilot spending programs and to avert the spending-driven economic crisis that's before us.

Well, we've seen no signs of leadership from the White House or the Senate. But the House will act again today with H.R. 6365, the National Security and Job Protection Act. The House will lead, where others have not.

This legislation sends a clear statement that the House is ready to carry out our budgetary responsibilities. We just need willing partners. The President, the Senate, House Republicans and Democrats, we all agree on a common goal: replace the sequester to protect important domestic programs, our fragile economy, our national security and our troops.

This bill is a path to that solution. Make no mistake, if sequestration goes into effect, America will compromise a legacy of superiority on the land, on the sea, and in the air and potentially send our economy spiraling back into a recession.

I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this bill, and I would hope that we could pass this with a large number and get on with it.


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