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Solidarity with the Sikh Community

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. ROYCE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to speak in favor of the resolution I coauthored with the Wisconsin delegation here in solidarity with the Sikh community in Oak Creek and the Sikh community all across the United States.

In a strange coincidence, I had a previously scheduled meeting in California at a Sikh temple on the very day when that murderous attack in Oak Creek occurred. Obviously, our discussion shifted to the subject of that premeditated attack.

I was able to hear about the plight of being targeted because of one's religion, the plight of being targeted for one's appearance.

We are in a constant struggle against bad ideas, despicable ideas.

Passing this resolution will not ease the pain of those affected by this tragedy, but it does show to the world that people from across the United States can unite and denounce bigoted violence.

Our great country is rooted in religious tolerance. The Constitution makes freedom of religion first and foremost. There is no place in this country for religious-motivated terrorism, and this resolution that we passed reaffirms that.

I end by thanking Mr. Ryan and the Wisconsin delegation for their efforts on this resolution, but also I thank the leadership of both parties here today for working with us to make sure that this resolution came to the floor.

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