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Do-Nothing Congress

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. Mr. Speaker, at the end of what Republicans consider to be a grueling work week consisting of 2 1/2 whole days, Republicans are heading home once again to take the next 2 months off.

The Republican-led ``Do-Nothing Congress'' was in session for a grand total of 8 days this month, and it took 5 weeks off before that.

During their time here in Washington, Republicans made sure to vote to end Medicare as we know it, increase costs for seniors, and give tax breaks to millionaires and companies that ship jobs overseas.

But on addressing the ongoing jobs crisis in this country, they did nothing. On providing tax cuts for the middle class and small business, they did nothing. On working towards a bipartisan solution to the looming fiscal cliff, they left the American people hanging by continuing to do nothing.

The hardworking men and women who call this country home deserve so much better. They certainly deserve better than nothing.

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