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Lummis Refuses to Accept Deeply Flawed Continuing Resolution


Location: Unknown

The FY2013 Continuing Resolution (CR), a six month extension of bulked-up government spending was passed Thursday by the House. Donning a $1.047 trillion price tag plus additional spending on disaster aid, the spending bill also extends full funding to Libya and Egypt and fails to defund Obamacare. Closer to home, the CR includes unrelated permanent changes to the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act that isolates Wyoming as the only state to suffer a reduction in Abandoned Mine Land (AML) funds. Language included at the last minute in a transportation bill passed earlier this summer stripped Wyoming and 20 other states of funds from the AML trust fund to pay for unrelated activities. Rather than deliberate on the future of the AML program in an open and honest forum, the authors of the CR continued to operate in secret and chose to accept language offered by the Obama Administration to restore funding to every other state while intentionally leaving Wyoming out.

"This is not the type of government our citizens deserve," Rep. Lummis said. "It's unconscionable that we continue to break the bank, fund Obamacare, do not even debate the Libya and Egypt funding issue and rob Wyoming of its rightfully owed AML money just to create another Washington slush fund. The bill's author would not speak to either Governor Mead or me about the AML issue. Our phone calls were not returned, even though Wyoming was the only state that was robbed in the bill. I refuse to support secretive, good-old boy government dealings, no matter which party is the source."

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