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Congress Must Stay and Work, 'Do-Nothing' Republican House Quits Early


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Sam Farr (D-Carmel) released the following statement on the Republican House leadership's decision to recess today until after the 2012 elections, the earliest adjournment date in 52 years:

"Today I stood with the Democratic caucus on the Capitol steps, to call upon Speaker John Boehner to keep the House of Representatives in session and working for the American people. Ignoring their obligations, the 'Do-Nothing' Republican led House recessed today until after the November elections. This means in four months, the House will have been in session for only eight days. The American people deserve better.

"During the eight days we were in session, the Majority focused on election year messaging bills championed by the Tea Party, instead of the issues that are important to the American public. On issue after issue, the Majority failed to lead, electing to once again kick the can down the road on important items rather than seek real solutions to our nation's problems.

"The Republicans' failure in leadership has left us without a jobs bill. President Obama put a common sense approach on the table to create one million new jobs immediately. The Republican leadership has refused to act, leaving many families still without a paycheck.

"It has left us without a comprehensive five-year Farm Bill. The current version is set to expire in nine days, meaning the financial security of Central Coast farmers and the 16 million agriculture jobs nationally are now in jeopardy.

"Their failures have left millions of middle class Americans in danger of receiving a larger tax bill come January. The Democrats put forth a plan that would cut taxes for 98% of Americans. The Republicans continue to hold these cuts hostage, favoring additional tax cuts for the wealthy.

"And their failures have pushed our economy closer to the fiscal cliff. Democrats are willing to consider a balanced bill to meet our financial obligations. The Republican leadership refuses to negotiate with Democrats in the House and Senate, leaving the threat of drastic cuts to vital programs looming while our debt continues to grow.

"Leadership is about getting results. As the least productive Congress ever, the Republicans in Washington have no results to show the American people. Democrat members of Congress want to stay in session to work towards solving our nation's problems. The 'Do-Nothing' Republicans simply want to cut and run."

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