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Ryan for Congress Releases New Television Ad, "Right Solutions"


Location: Janesville, WI

This morning, Paul Ryan for Congress released its latest television advertisement of the 2012 election cycle entitled: "Right Solutions" which focuses on what Congress can do to spur job creation and economic growth. After 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8%, it is clear we need to fix our broken tax code and eliminate costly regulations which are pushing jobs overseas.

Questioner: "What can be done to create good jobs?"

Paul Ryan: "First, we need to end the growing government-control over the economy and when we put higher tax rates on American job creators than our foreign competitors do, we push jobs overseas."

Paul Ryan: "We need to fix that and make our tax code fair, simple, and more competitive. We should balance the budget and eliminate ridiculous regulations that cost you money."

Paul Ryan: "With the right solutions, we can get this economy growing."

Paul Ryan: "I'm Paul Ryan and I approve this message."

Congressman Ryan has represented Southern Wisconsin since 1998 and is seeking reelection to House of Representatives this fall. A 5th generation native of Janesville, Congressman Ryan has prided himself on delivering exemplary constituent services to Wisconsinites, providing principled representation as Chairman of the House Budget Committee and senior member of the House Ways and Means Committee, and serving as a tireless advocate for Wisconsin's 1st District.

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