Update from Washington


By:  Ben Quayle
Date: Sept. 16, 2012
Location: Unknown

Dear Friends,

Congress returned to Washington this week, but unfortunately it didn't find its way back to fiscal reality. The main vote this week was on an appropriations measure to extend financing for the federal government by six months.

Virtually every politician in Washington pays lip service to the need to get our deficit under control, but when the opportunity came up this week to make real and needed spending cuts, majorities in both parties declined. The continuing resolution passed the House, and it actually increases spending.

All too often, the rhetoric we hear out of Washington about the need for deficit reduction is proven to be hollow and meaningless. That was certainly shown to be the case with this vote.

Our budget deficit is not some remote problem that can be dealt with some other time. The consequences of Washington's fiscal ineptitude are real, they are tragic and they are getting worse. I voted against this resolution, because I believe we need to take real action to get spending under control now, not later.

Washington's shortsightedness certainly doesn't inspire confidence, but on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th attacks this week I was reminded of all the reasons our country is so great.

On that awful day we saw the very worst of humanity -- mindless hatred and evil. We also saw the very best of humanity and America -- the courage of our first responders, the resilience of our nation and the stalwart resolve of our nation to bring those responsible to justice.

Since September 11th, 2001, our brave men and women in uniform have fought to keep us safe from the ceaseless attempts our enemies have made to repeat the terror and destruction of that day. In the process, they have liberated millions from extremism and tyranny.

As I stood with my colleagues on the Capitol steps to remember that day, I was reminded again what an incredible force for good our country has been, and will be in the world.

Thanks as always for reading. Please see the information below regarding a new program in my office. We remain in session next week, and I look forward to getting in touch then.


Ben Quayle

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