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Issue Position: Women's Rights

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We have reached an historic place in women's rights. Starting August 1, the ACA recognizes the unique health care needs of women, encouraging and providing for heath screens that offer early detection and treatment without costly co-pays.

But in Michigan, in the most sweeping and unprecedented attack on women's reproductive health in this country, Al Pscholka voted to limit access to health care and reproductive services (HB 5711) by placing roadblocks and delays in place. This legislation is swiftly advancing leaving little time for lawmakers to read, understand, and have sufficient time and notice for public comment.

Restricting access to these clinics endangers all women who depend on Planned Parenthood and women's clinics, whether for at risk individuals whose own lives are threatened by pregnancy or for individuals with other issues related to women's reproductive care. Removing these clinics will ultimately create an increase in unwanted pregnancies, which in turn will cause many women to seek unsafe, illegal abortions.

97% of Planned Parenthood's efforts go directly into supporting women's health and are not abortion-related. As a result of the actions of the Republican House and Senate, nearly all the clinics that provide critical life-saving services for tens of thousands of women throughout Michigan will be shut down.

Make no mistake: this legislation is not intended to make these clinics safer. In fact, Republican Representative State Representative Mike Shirley said, "Until we completely eliminate abortion and completely defund Planned Parenthood, we have work to do."

Do we really want to go back to those times? To quote President Clinton, I believe "Abortion should be safe, legal and rare."

This means you and I have much work to do!If elected as your Representative for the 79th District in the State of Michigan, I will work to end the assault on women's healthcare and their rights!

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