Senate Leadership

Floor Speech

By:  James DeMint
Date: Sept. 20, 2012
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DeMINT. Mr. President, President Obama, when you took office almost 4 years ago, you promised to create jobs and reduce our deficit. Yet 4 years later we have fewer Americans working than in the last 30 years and we have historic debt and deficits. Now you say raising taxes will solve our problems. But those who create jobs disagree.

Yesterday a businessman from South Carolina came to Washington to present a very simple proposition. He had built his business from his garage to 150 workers, putting every dime he could back into his business. His plan was to add 25 workers next year if we keep taxes the same but to do nothing if we follow your plan to raise taxes.

Mr. President, if you really want to create jobs, help our economy, and reduce our deficit, stop threatening to raise taxes.


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