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Expressing the Sense of Congress Regarding the Nuclear Program of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GRAHAM. Mr. President, this resolution has 83 cosponsors. Even I cannot lose this vote.

This resolution says it will not be the policy of the United States to allow the Iranian regime to get a nuclear weapon and try to contain them. President Obama has rejected containment. Governor Romney, 83 Senators have said that is a bad idea.

Very quickly, why will containment not work? If the Iranians get a nuclear weapon, every Sunni Arab state will want one themselves. Israel will never know a minute's peace. And my biggest fear: If we allow these people to get a nuclear weapon, they will share the technology with terrorists. The reason thousands have died in the war on terror--not millions--is because the terrorists cannot get the weapons to kill millions.

Senator Casey has been terrific. My Democratic colleagues, thank you for working in a bipartisan fashion.

I yield now to Senator Casey.


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