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Senate Leadership

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GRAHAM. Mr. President, lucky you to be presiding today.

We live in interesting times. You can receive a Nobel Peace Prize for not being somebody else. Now, 4 years later almost after the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded, where do we stand as a Nation? In case you have not heard, bin Laden is dead.

That is good. That is a great accomplishment. The President should take pride in that. We should all celebrate the death of that evil man. But that is not foreign policy. Is anybody deterred from attacking America's interest in the Middle East because bin Laden is dead? Is anybody saying: I better not go over the wall of that Embassy in Egypt because we killed bin Laden? There is no coherent foreign policy at a time when we need one.

Four years later, after a charm offensive and an apology tour that has not worked, our enemies are on steroids and our friends are unsure about who we are. I will make a prediction: If this continues, the world is going to devolve into chaos, because at a time when we need to be certain, we are unsure. The Iranians are not taking anything we say seriously and the Russians and the Chinese have corrupted the U.N. So much for restarting.


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