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Senate Leadership

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PORTMAN. Mr. President, we have just heard from a number of my colleagues about issues with our jobs and the economy. We have heard about the $16 trillion deficit. Unemployment has been over 8 percent for over 43 months. These are unprecedented problems. We have again learned a lesson we have learned time and time again in America: You cannot tax and regulate your way to prosperity.

Republicans in the Senate have provided an alternative. As this chart shows, this is the Republican Senate jobs plan. All 47 Republican Senators have supported it. We have introduced legislation that incorporates these ideas, and yet we have not gotten a hearing on the Senate floor.

It is pretty simple. We believe we ought to live within our means. Fiscal discipline is part of getting the economy back on track. Reforming the Tax Code to spur economic growth--we know we can create millions of new jobs in this country by getting the Tax Code straightened out. The economic situation will not be improved in this country until we deal with regulatory relief. My colleagues have talked about that. Our ideas include having a more competitive force, changing the worker retraining program in this country, improving education to have a competitive workforce, increasing exports to create more jobs but also to level the playing field, powering America's economy by using the energy in the ground in America, and, finally, commonsense approaches to health care to get the costs down. These are the solutions that Republicans have offered that have not gotten a fair hearing on this floor for us to begin to turn this economy around and get America back on track.


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