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Senate Leadership

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. MORAN. Mr. President, we talk about plans and budgets. The reality is these bigger concepts that we discuss in our Nation's capital have real consequences on the everyday lives of Americans. I spoke a few weeks ago to a Rotary club in Junction City, KS, and the local CPA was in the audience. We got to questions and answers, and he said: Senator, I have a question for you. This is a softball. What is the estate tax rate going to be next year?

It is embarrassing not to be able to answer the simple questions about what is going to happen in people's lives. People are having to make decisions. That certified public accountant, that lawyer, that financial planner needs to be able to explain to that farmer in Kansas, to that rancher, to that small business owner what the Tax Code is going to look like.

We are facing a point in time in which we have no opportunities to tell someone what the Tax Code is going to be in 3 months. That is embarrassing. When people ask me what is necessary to get Washington, DC, to work together for us to solve the country's problems and move forward, the answer is we desperately need leadership, someone who shows us the way, encourages us to come together. It has been lacking. It is embarrassing to me for the nearly 2 years I have been a Member of the Senate not to see that leadership exhibited in the United States of America.


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