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Text of Gov. Perry's Remarks at The Source for Women's Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Location: Houston, TX

Gov. Rick Perry gave remarks at the ribbon cutting ceremony of The Source for Women of Spring Branch pregnancy medical center.

It's my pleasure, and my honor, to be here for such an important event, and such an important cause.

The Source for Women is already an important voice in the fight to make abortion a thing of the past, and has been the line between life and death for many children throughout the Houston area.

The opening of this latest medical center will enable you to spread your message, and do your vital work, on a significantly larger scale in the years to come.

What you do is vital because the stakes are so astonishingly high.

Even with all the years we've spent working together to protect the unborn in our state, nearly 20 percent of Texas pregnancies are terminated.

Every year, that's nearly 80,000 lives lost.

The tragedy of those statistics is magnified by the numbers of prospective moms and dads across Texas, who want nothing more than the chance to love a child they can call their own.

I know of too many families that have been blessed and made whole by the glorious gift of adoption, to ever believe there can be such a thing as an "unwanted child."

The Source gives women with unexpected pregnancies the information and the support they need to make the right choice, the choice of life.

They also provide the care necessary to ensure a healthy, safe pregnancy.

So, when we talk about a "culture of life," places like The Source for Women are exactly what we're talking about.

These are individuals who come together in the spirit of love and compassion, who reject the idea that abortion is a necessary option, and who do whatever they can to save the lives of our most vulnerable citizens.

I thank each and every one of you for everything you've done in that mission.

Here in Texas, we've worked hard to strengthen our abortion laws, empower families, and protect our children's future.

We've banned the use of your tax dollars for abortion procedures in Texas, and expanded that ban to include those affiliated with abortion providers in the case of our Women's Health Program.
That upset more than a few people in Washington, who insisted we financially support organizations like Planned Parenthood by including them in the WHP.

We've stood strong in the face of that assault, and proclaimed the truth that protecting the rights of abortion providers and protecting women's health are not the same thing.

The Source for Women clinics, in fact, will be part of Texas' own Women's Health Program, and Planned Parenthood will not be.

Last session, we passed, and I'm proud to say I signed, a law requiring a physician to perform a sonogram on a woman before an abortion. This important law ensures that a woman, in addition to having all the facts about the life she's carrying, also understands the devastating impact of this life-ending decision.

As those of you at The Source can attest, you can't make the right choice without knowing the true impact of what you're deciding.

And again, I believe, as you do, that the right decision is life, every time.

In Texas, we defend the unborn because it is the responsibility of every human being who embraces the principles of justice, fairness and truth.

We raise our voices because it is simply the right thing to do.

We raise our voices against Washington D.C, which opts for political cover from its favored special interest groups above the sanctity of life.

We raise our voices because it's the overriding responsibility of every government to protect its citizens, at every stage of life.

Especially at their most vulnerable.

Our founding fathers affirmed the right to life in the Declaration of Independence, along with the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but the gift of life is not granted by any government, or any court of law.

As our forefathers correctly understood, life is nothing less than a gift from God.

Defending that right is a calling worthy of our best.

That's why, as long as I am governor of this great state, I will oppose taxpayer dollars for abortions, and any law that compromises these essential protections.

That's also what drives you to this cause, and what makes you work so hard.

Far from just talking, you all are putting your passion for life to work, and changing, and saving, lives throughout your communities.

Your good work doesn't end with the women you help, and the children you save.

Instead, it becomes part of the movement to make abortion a thing of the past, a movement that grows stronger with each success story you produce, with the promise of every child born who would've died without your assistance.

Places like The Source for Women are cornerstones in the creation of a world without abortion, a place where each child is born healthy, happy, and as part of a loving family.

The Source has already made a huge difference in the Houston area, and working together, we can all make a difference in the pro-life movement around the world.

May God bless you and, through you, may He continue to bless the great state of Texas.

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