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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Libraries as Job Centers -- and More


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Education isn't just happening in our classrooms. It's happening in our communities.

This week, I had the privilege of celebrating the grand opening of our new Dover Public Library. With support from state lawmakers, our Delaware libraries are receiving the funding they need to modernize and grow, making them among the best in the country. Our libraries are not only real hubs for information-sharing with e-books and e-magazines, wireless technology and computers, but they are also places that are helping people find jobs.

The Job Center at Delaware Libraries offers job seekers and "career changers" help with resume writing, cover letters, job applications, interview preparation and career counseling -- all part of helping equip people with the skills they need for success. The best thing about the library is: it's free. Job Centers are helping hundreds of people here in Dover as well as in Seaford, Georgetown and Wilmington. Potential entrepreneurs who want to know more about starting a business will find regular workshops to help them navigate their decisions. If you haven't been to your library lately, you might be surprised at how much it's changed.

Maybe you remember a time as a child, when you realized the magic of books and thus, you know the importance of libraries -- a place where everyone is welcome and free to explore. When Carla and I read the first story to children in the program room of this new library, I thought about the books I liked to read as a youngster, and how some of those stories inspired me with my education.

We want our young people to enjoy spending time reading, discovering more about the world around them. Our libraries offer information and assistance and play an important role in education, not only during school years, but in lifelong learning and-- we know this one will be around for a long time to come. Whether you're searching for a particular book, researching for a particular project or hoping for a particular job, we're making our Delaware libraries relevant places for everyone, as we work to keep Delaware moving forward.

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