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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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For more, let`s turn to Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio. Congressman, great to have you with us tonight. These simply are the facts. What do you make of Romney attacking the president for being too soft on China?

REP. TIM RYAN (D), OHIO: I got to tell you, it`s actually laughable.

Having been on the ground the last few years through the Obama administration, watching what he did with tires, that tariff that he put on
created jobs in northwest Ohio, just a little bit south of Toledo.

He also put tariffs on steel tubing that was getting dumped in the country from China. And that tariff that he put on led to almost a 700 million dollar steel mill being created here in Youngstown, Ohio. For anybody who wants to take a look at it, I`m listening to you. Tomorrow, I`m going to take a picture of this new steel mill that with the help of Obama`s tariffs was located here. I will Tweet it @TimRyan, so everybody in the country can see what Obama`s policies have done for Ohio.

SCHULTZ: How dangerous are these subsidies that China is giving to its auto sector? Could this slow down the momentum of what we have seen in your state of Ohio and in Michigan when it comes to auto manufacturing and all the domino effect it has on the different industries that come together to make automobiles work in this country.

: Absolutely. We the auto industry. One in every eight jobs in Ohio is directly or indirectly related to the automobile industry. We have a plan here, 4,500 jobs. But that`s just scratching the surface here in Youngstown. You go right down the supply chain, you have the seats, you have the logistics --

SCHULTZ: Aren`t the Chinese countering this with the subsidies?


RYAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. It`s been damaging to the economy now not just Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, but yes, they are cheating. That`s basically what they are doing. They are subsidizing auto parts to come into America and undercut the American companies. And a lot of these are small, midsize companies. These aren`t huge businesses. They are in the auto supply chain. They supported communities for a long, long time.These are the small business people that Mitt Romney talks about.

I`ll tell you, if his book would have come out a couple months later, he would have been against the steel tubing tariffs that the president put on.

This is damaging. The president is acting forcefully. He is moving in the right direction. On top of this straight auto jobs from the auto companies, he`s now protecting the parts supplier.

I think it`s a no brainer if you`re a small business manufacturer in Ohio who you should vote for.

SCHULTZ: Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio with us tonight. I have to ask you about this Romney tape. He didn`t know he was being recorded behind closed doors with donors and what not. Your thoughts on his comments and what he said?

RYAN: I tell you, you get mad, but I think it`s sad. I think it`s sad that a candidate for a major party in America, running for president is so insensitive and so disconnected to what average families are going through. Those are Medicaid recipients, Ed. Those are people who have kids that have Down Syndrome --


SCHULTZ: What does it tell you about his character and who he really is?

RYAN: He`s not one of us. He`s just disconnected from reality. I tell you, he doesn`t connect to any average person because these are the struggles and the programs that average people rely upon in Ohio and rely upon in America. It`s coldhearted. I mean, there`s no really other way to say it than he`s disconnected and it`s coldhearted.

I don`t think there`s any place. It`s sad that there`s a room full of people that have been so successful, and nobody in that room thought that, you know, this maybe is a little insensitive and maybe there are some people that may need some help here.

SCHULTZ: It`s class warfare, no question about it. Very insensitive.

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan, great to have you with us on THE ED SHOW.
Thanks so much.

Paul Ryan embraces the radical ideology of the Christian Right at the Values Voters Summit over the weekend. The Reverend Barry Lynn will weigh in on that. Stay with us.


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