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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Senator, good to have you with us tonight.

SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D), OHIO: Good to be back.

SCHULTZ: I`m going to -- I don`t know if this is the kiss of death, but I think that you are the modern day Ted Kennedy that they just can`t stand. You have been a stalwart supporter of the middle class and for labor. And Ohio`s economy is turning around because of the automobile industry.

Why are they throwing so much money at you? We all know that Karl Rove wants Ohio. Why are they coming after you?

BROWN: Well, it`s Ohio, but it`s also we figure -- we don`t know, because they don`t have to disclose this money. It`s unlimited. There`s no limits to it and there`s no disclosure. But we figure it`s Wall Street because my legislation to break up the six largest banks. We figure it`s oil companies, because I helped to lead the charge to take away their tax breaks. And we figure it`s corporations and their Chinese allies who outsource jobs to China, because my China currency bill.

So that just makes grassroots efforts that much more important, because they`re spending these huge numbers of dollars against an outspoken

SCHULTZ: I have this theory about Ohio`s economy. Obviously, it was helped by the automobile loan. China is subsidizing its auto workers. I mean, this is a direct attempt to undermine what is happening with the economy in your state, as one in eight jobs are affected by the automobile industry. President Obama has taken action and filed suit with the WTO on this.

Does this help you in your race? What is happening with China? And why are they coming after the automobile industry in your opinion?BROWN: Well, we saw 10 years of manufacturing job loss in this country; 60,000 plants closed between 2000 and 2010, five million jobs lost. We`ve gained jobs over the last two years. Partly the auto rescue, partly we`ve enforced trade laws. There`s a new steel mill in Youngstown. There are few tire jobs in Fennely. There are new steel jobs in Lorraine and Cleveland, and aluminum jobs in Keith, and in Sidney, Ohio.

And it`s all the built around we believe you grow the economy by the middle class out, not this whole idea of tax cuts for the rich and trickle-down. And that`s the secret -- not a secret, that`s the strategy of the Obama administration to govern and to campaign.

SCHULTZ: Well, I don`t think that the Romney campaign has a clue about what China is doing to Ohio`s economy and what affect this is going to have. And the move by President Obama and the administration clearly is the right thing to do and he`s got a record of doing it and you have been there with him.

I want to ask you, this is actually the first time I`ve had a clans to visit with you since the infamous 47 percent comment was caught on tape by Mitt Romney. How`s this going to play in Ohio?

BROWN: I think it just contributes to the narrative that they`re top-down, the whole idea of trickle-down economics. And we build out from the middle class. And that`s why organizing is so important in this campaign.

I want to urge viewers, as I have in the past and as you`ve helped me with,
to come to, sign up, help us build this middle class effort to fight back.


SCHULTZ: But this 47 percent comment that Mitt Romney made, he`s going after low information -- he`s actually -- and we did this last night, he`s actually attacking his base, those white workers out there that are low information. I mean, how is this going to play in Ohio? I mean, he insulted a good portion of Americans.

BROWN: Most Ohioans get up -- exactly right. It`s an insult to even think you should govern a country where you don`t even have respect for half the population. But Ohio`s school of working class voters, many went to community college, some graduated only from high school. Obviously many are more educated than that. But middle -- workers that wake up every day and they make glass -- they manufacture glass in Zanesville, or they make tanks in Lima, or they`re building -- doing jobs in Mansfield or Toledo.

And they fight and work every day. And it`s an insult to all of them.

SCHULTZ: Senator from Ohio Sherrod Brown, great to have you with us. Appreciate it so much. Thank you.


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