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Condemns Overseas Attacks as an "Act of Terror," Says Killers Should Be "Held Accountable"


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington) made the following statement Wednesday after vicious attacks in Egypt and Libya lead to the tragic deaths of American citizens, including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya:

"These attacks are outrageous and unprovoked. First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those killed. They were serving our nation in foreign lands by promoting freedom and working to improve the lives of the Libyan people.

"But make no mistake, attacking and killing a United States Ambassador and other American citizens on the grounds of a U.S. Consulate is an act or terror. We need to find out who orchestrated this attack and do whatever is necessary to hold them accountable.

"It is imperative that we work to make sure this doesn't become a recurring problem. Americans serving at our embassies must not be sitting ducks. We need to make sure that all U.S citizen serving overseas, especially those in hostile territory, are properly protected."

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